I left my house to read my book and take some fresh ear outside today in the evening. When the light have gone I decided to go to my older flat to get my teed bear which one didn’t fit into my suitcase days ago. (Else, the only one which would follow me in my new single room). After of the spent some litter hours talking with my friends, too late to take the Luas, with no enough money to take a taxi, I realized that I was starving and that I was wishing for a pizza. I did then. On my way at home I was wondering if someone have tried to steel me, which stuff should I ask him to keep with me?! All that I had got were my keys, the book, a pocket of cigarette, 2euros, the teed bear and a fresh pizza.
I wished don’t be robbed.

I left my house…


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  • Nenhum
  • ao quadrado.: Tentei "ler" você; Não consegui e pensei que deixar a casa, com um livro, pra procurar ar fresco, e conversar com os amigos, e que.. terminou com
  • balelas2: =)
  • =): Te amo.


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